Governor Cuomo Pull The Plug on CPV: Reject the 401 Water Permit

The CPV Valley Power plant is a massive 650 Megawatt fracked-gas power plant that is under construction right now in Orange County, New York by Competitive Power Ventures and Global Infrastructure Partners, a joint venture of Credit Suisse and General Electric.

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The plant would be one of the largest in the State of New York and climate scientists say it would create a climate emergency.  It would lock us into fracked-gas dependency for the next 40 years and put lower Manhattan under water.

CPV would require thousands of new fracking wells in neighboring Pennsylvania over its lifetime; and according to Cornell University scientist, Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, it will increase the entire state’s green house gas emissions from the power sector by “in excess of ten percent”. He says it will be impossible for New York to meet its climate goals if this plant becomes operational.  Another Cornell scientist, Dr. Robert Howarth, says that methane in the atmosphere is skyrocketing and this is likely due to fracking. Methane is 86 times worse for climate change than carbon dioxide.  

In 2014 Governor Cuomo banned fracking citing risks to public health, yet that same year the state issued several approvals for the CPV Valley Energy Center. He said no to fracking but a big YES to fracked gas.

The project also necessitates a vast network of infrastructure such as pipelines and compressor stations that are devastating communities all along its path. Health impacts have already been documented, people are being forced from their homes, some are even threatened with eminent domain.

Critical state natural resources are also at risk including the Delaware Watershed, The Wallkill River Watershed, federal and state wetlands, endangered species habitat, protected farmland, (the famed Black Dirt farms), as well as an indigenous burial ground.

But it is not too late to stop this project! There is one critical permit left and without it CPV cannot operate. Moreover the project is at the center of a major pay to play corruption scandal involving a former company executive and former aides to Governor Cuomo.

Cuomo must make a final decision on this last permit before the end of August. So help us tell Cuomo to pull the plug on this corrupt climate and community killing project.

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