RECAP: NY’s Zero-Emission Watercraft Seminar 04-06-20

NYC Sierra Club sponsored a seminar discussing the adoption of a zero-emission watercraft for the state of New York on Monday, April 6th 2020. Senator Todd Kaminsky, who co-sponsored the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act in June 2019, started the discussion with his introduction of NY’s current environmental efforts.

Below is a list of the guest speakers:

  • Wayne Arden, moderator, Sierra Club NYC Group volunteer
  • Todd Kaminsky, keynote speaker, New York State Senator
  • Karen Imas, Senior Director of Programs, Waterfront Alliance
  • Daniel Steingart, Co-Director of the Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center, Columbia University
  • Hans Thornell, CEO and Founder of Green City Ferries
  • Roger Downs, Conservation Director, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter

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