Volunteer to Lobby Elected Officials for SC’s Atlantic Chapter

The strength of the Sierra Club is our grassroots power and the thousands of members willing to act on behalf of New York’s environment. While Albany is the focus of attention during the legislative session, we can have an important influence over lawmakers when they are back in their home districts, making lobbying important both in Albany and in district. Sierra Club Groups from across the state are encouraged to meet with law makers while they are in district on off session days, as well as travel to Albany to lobby while they are in session.


Desired Skills and Qualifications:

• Must be a Sierra Club member.

• Interest in helping to pass good environmental legislation

• Good writing skills are a plus

• Ability to speak clearly in small group meetings

• Willingness to coordinate with other volunteers, chapter leaders and staff

• Research skills


• Work with other volunteers, chapter leaders and staff to pursue the mission outlined above in coordination with your group leadership;

• Connect with the local Sierra Club group (visit http://newyork.sierraclub.org to find your local group) as a liaison between chapter efforts and local efforts at the group level;

When applying, please indicate on which issue(s) you are most interested in focusing your attention.

Please address any questions about this position to Gale Pisha at soygale@verizon.net .

Apply now! https://clubvolunteer.org/position_view?position=333


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