Take Action: NY Cleaning Product Ingredient Disclosure

Do certain cleaning products make you wheeze? Maybe others irritate your skin or eyes. Do you know which ingredients might cause these problems or contribute to greater health concerns? Do you want to know which products are truly safe to use around your children?

It’s hard to believe that in 2017, Americans still don’t know what’s inside most of the cleaning products in their cupboards. All that is about to change, but we need you: New York has written a how-to guide for companies to put ingredients on their product websites, and tell us about health hazards, byproducts, and contaminants. And the information must “go live” on company websites by January 2019.

New York is so close to the finish line on the disclosure of ingredients in cleaning products. We are asking you to reach out to Governor Cuomo, let him know you support his leadership and urge him to publish the cleanser ingredient disclosure guide right away! Send your message today, and please feel free to edit this letter by adding your personal experience with cleaning products.

New York is ready to be a leader on this very important topic – let Governor Cuomo know that you agree!

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