Were hoping the brochure will be an effective tool to convince people to take action on improving the Farm Bill.

  • Print the brochure on your home printer or at a local copy shop, It fits on 8 ½ x 11 paper, both sides, back-to-back.  Once its printed, fold it in three vertically and then cut it in horizontally so that you have two brochures from one sheet of paper.
  • Take them with you wherever you go
  • Prepare a pickup line” such as: Some people in the agriculture industry are doing things that destroy our planet and our health—and the government is paying them billions of dollars to do so. But we can take action to stop it and to support farmers who farm in the least damaging ways.  If you think of an effective pickup line, please send it to us at Fixthe2023farmbill#gmail.com.
  • Distribute the brochures wherever people are gathered:
    • farmer markets
    • if you belong to a CSA, bring brochures to deliveries
    • PTA or other school meetings
    • college campuses and playgrounds
    • personal gatherings
    • religious services

If you think of any other places where these brochures can be distributed, let us know at Fixthe2023farmbill#gmail.com.