Urban Green Council Presents: CitiesAlive

What is the future of our city regions? Will they be unbearably hot and regularly flooded by intense rains and high tides?  Will they be increasingly unhealthy and more divided between ‘us and them’?  Will there be a lack of green space and job opportunities?

CitiesAlive provides green infrastructure solutions to urban challenges by bringing together designers, researchers, contractors, manufacturers, and policymakers. Discover how to shape a healthier, more resilient future in NYC this September.

Their 2018 conference will explore how we can shape a healthier, more resilient future in NYC. Over 80 expert speakers will explore topics like flood management, biodiversity, biophilic design, urban agriculture, vertical forests, coastal greening, green finance, new performance metrics, advancements in policy and new research findings.

For more details and to register: https://citiesalive.org/