Urban Green Council: Facilitating Solar Adoption


In 2012, the City of New York adopted a package of amendments to the NYC Zoning Resolution, collectively called Zone Green, to facilitate more sustainable and energy-efficient design. Zone Green addressed barriers to building thicker, better-insulated walls. It also covered the inclusion of sustainable design strategies, such as solar panels, solar shading systems, green roofs, and greenhouses.

Fast forward six years: although Zone Green successfully solved the problems anticipated at the time, new technologies and new barriers have since emerged. Last fall, Urban Green Council convened a Task Force of over 40 stakeholders to develop a roadmap for Zone Greener, a set of potential updates to the Zoning Resolution that would unlock further opportunities for the next generation of green building.


Part 2 of the Zone Greener event series, Facilitating Solar Adoption will focus on modifications to the Zoning Resolution that would continue to advance solar energy in New York City. This event will discuss the uptake of solar installations since 2012, as well as recommendations for newly-identified issues involving rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar and solar batteries.

For more information and to register: https://www.urbangreencouncil.org/content/events/zone-greener-facilitating-solar-adoption