Screening: What Lies Upstream

“What Lies Upstream…Will it make you think twice about what’s gone unnoticed in your tap water? Absolutely.” – The New York Times

“An urgent, lucidly argued wake-up call” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Quietly devastating” – Variety

In this scandalous political thriller, the filmmaker behind Terms and Conditions May Apply takes his investigatory grit to West Virginia where he looks into a mysterious chemical spill that left 300,000 people without drinking water for months. As the story deepens, scientific cover-ups and political malfeasance across all levels of government are discovered, poisoning the entire system meant to protect fresh water. This up-to-the-minute film is a startling revelation that the threat of water contamination is not limited to the isolated incidences such as Flint, Michigan and Charleston, West Virginia. It extends to everyone who drinks water, making us all subject to What Lies Upstream. The Washington City Paper called What Lies Upstream “the scariest film at AFI DOCS” while Variety wrote it’s “a quietly devastating documentary” that “builds a persuasive case.” Winner of the Special Jury Prize for investigative filmmaking at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Following the 7:00pm screening on Friday, January 12th Cullen Hoback will be joined by actor/producer/director Alysia Reiner (Natalie “Fig” Figueroa on the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”) and co-founder of Livari (a zero waster womenswear label made ethically in New York). The discussion will be moderated by Maysles Cinema director Jessica Green.

Following the 7:00pm screening on Saturday, January 13th Cullen Hoback will be joined by actor Lela Loren (Angela “Angie” Valdes on the Starz TV Series “Power”.)

Following the 7:00pm screening on Sunday, January 14th Cullen Hoback will be joined by Dr. Judith S. Weis, a Professor Emerita of Biological Science from Rutgers University and Sierra Club member whose research has included studies of effects of aquatic pollution.

Following the 7:00pm screening on Wednesday, January 17th, in honor of the anniversary of the Flint water crisis, there will be a panel with producer & host of WBAI’s environmental show Eco-Logic, Ken Gale, and Genesis Abreu from WE ACT for Environmental Justice focused on environmental degradation in marginalized communities.

Following the 7:00pm screening on Thursday, January 18th there will be an “Art and Action” themed panel including Cal Fish, New York based artist and creator, Arien Wilkerson, a queer, African-American choreographer, dancer, filmmaker, installation artist, founder and artistic director of TNMOT AZTRO, and Lola Judisman, director and climate justice and NYU divestment organizer. Moderated by Maysles Cinema’s Annie Horner.

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