NY Solar + Storage Summit

The twelfth annual 2018 NY Solar+Storage summit takes an innovative approach by bringing together experts across industries to work with policy and utility leaders to find actionable solutions that can transition from our current state to a more sustainable future.  This future is upon us now.  The morning sessions will provide  briefings from high level officials on the state of solar and solar+storage activities to catalyze our thinking.

In the afternoon, Sustainable CUNY will convene dozens of issue-focused ‘distributed conversations’ on solar and solar+storage.  Businesses and NGO’s can sit with industry, utility or government leaders to ensure that policy and market goals are fully informed by those who bring hands-on experience. The goal of working collaboratively  is to develop solutions in key areas.  Bring along the best thinkers you know, select your topic table, and drill down to the solutions and challenges facing the New York solar+storage market.  The day will wrap up with a roundtable panel discussing your suggested outcomes and the next steps that will bring them to fruition and empower distributed generation in New York.

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