Cuomo Walk The Talk On Climate in Albany

On April 23rd, we will march on the State Capitol to tell Governor Cuomo we don’t want more talk, we demand 3 bold actions to fight climate change, create good jobs, and ensure justice for all:

*Stop all fracking infrastructure projects
*Move to 100% renewable energy
*Make corporate polluters pay

Governor Cuomo says New York is a “leader” on climate change; that it is “gross negligence” not to address climate change; and that he’s taken “decisive action”. In reality, the level of New York’s climate pollution is virtually unchanged since he took office in 2011. Only 3% of New York’s electricity comes from wind and solar. And New York is failing to effectively cut the almost 80% of our climate pollution from cars and trucks, buildings and other sources other than the electric grid.

New York is falling behind other states, including Massachusetts and New Jersey, where Governor Murphy has committed to 100%. This coming Earth Day, it’s time for Governor Cuomo to:

*Stop all fracking infrastructure: One year ago, Governor Cuomo announced in his 2017State of the State that “the State must double down by investing in the fight against dirty fossil fuels and fracked gas from neighboring states.” And in 2014, he outright banned High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing, or fracking, on account of health and environmental impacts.

In 2017, however, we have seen continued expansion in gas pipelines, compressor stations, and power plants. Compressed-gas truck fleets now ply rural roads and explosive oil trains run in residential communities. The state continues to import frack waste from Pennsylvania. Medical associations have documented increased cancer rates, and respiratory problems. Besides pregnant women, children and the elderly are most at
risk. Working-class neighborhoods, communities of color, and Indigenous Peoples are disproportionately targeted by fracked gas infrastructure. This contradicts the goals of Environmental Justice, human rights, and stewardship of Earth.

*Move to 100% renewable energy in a rapid and just transition that creates tens of thousands of good, union jobs, and investment, especially for low-income communities and communities of color;

*Make corporate polluters like Exxon pay for the pollution they currently dump into our air for free by putting a fee on their climate pollution.

This will be an energetic and family-friendly march and rally outside the Capitol building that continues inside on the Million Dollar Staircase to rally with an optional escalated action nearby.

Join us for this historical action – and click here to take our pledge against fossil fuels. More details on the day of march and rally will be available soon.

Join New Yorkers from all over the state to say #CuomoWalkTheTalk and get New York #OffFossilFuels. This is will be the largest climate rally ever directed at Cuomo in Albany. Come fired up and get ready to raise your voice!

Enough talk, Governor Cuomo. We want bold action, NOW!




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