Call Governor Cuomo on June 6 to Ban the Plastic Bag!

On June 6th, call Governor Cuomo and urge him to ban the single-use plastic bag and place a fee on alternative bags by supporting S7760/A9953, the ‘New York State Bring Your Own Bag Act’.

Text ‘JUNE 6’ to 21333 on your phone to receive a reminder and direct connection on June 6 to call the Governor. Alternatively, save the number 845-943-4749 to connect directly on June 6.

Plastic pollution is both a public nuisance and a public health threat. Reducing the use of single-use plastic bags is one of the most meaningful steps that New York can take to reduce pollution from single-use plastic. Governor Cuomo has recently announced his support for a plastic bag ban without the important fee on alternative bags. The evidence does not support a ban on plastic with no fee on alternative bags.

Evidence from both Chicago and Honolulu, which repealed their plastic bag only bans with a fee on all bags, demonstrate that the fee on alternatives is critical to reduce waste and foster a culture of using reusable bags.

Recently, more than 100 organizations from across New York State sent a letter to Governor Cuomo urging him to support a ban on single-use plastic bags and a fee on alternative bags. The groups highlighted that this “hybrid” legislation is the most effective policy to reduce single-use plastic bag pollution.

Evidence demonstrates that plastic bag laws help reduce pollution in waterways. Los Angeles County experienced a 94 percent decline in plastic bag usage and a 30 percent reduction in paper bag usage after a ban on plastic and a 10-cent fee on paper went into effect. Plastic bag policies in the United Kingdom have led to almost a 30 percent reduction in plastic bag pollution found on the floor of the North Sea. Initial evidence from 2017, the first year after California’s first in the nation ban went into effect, shows a nearly 4.2 percent reduction from 2010 in plastic bags found on beaches statewide. New York should follow the lead of California and help demonstrate to the nation that reducing plastic pollution is possible.