• Climate and Finance Committee: 06-29-20 Panel Discussion


  • Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Pollution

    Lisa DiCaprio Conservation Chair, NYC Group While consumers worship at the altar of convenience created by single-use plastics, seabirds, turtles, fish, and marine mammals, such as dolphins and whales, are dying from plastic debris in various macabre ways: strangulation, entanglement, suffocation from encasement in plastic, and starvation as plastic fills their stomachs, stealing the space required […]

  • Parks & Green Spaces

    The Sierra Club New York City Group strongly objects to the Parks Without Borders redesign for the northwest corner of Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. The plan includes cutting down 40 mature shade trees at the northwest corner of the park by Myrtle Avenue and St Edwards Street and the 11 trees that sit on the […]

  • Food Waste

    New Food Waste Bills on the Menu in NYC: “Bonnie Webber, Vice Chair of the New York City Group of the Sierra Club, said the city needs to put more resources into educating the public about food waste. ‘Studies have shown that a better use of the city’s time and money would be to go […]