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Port Ambrose Must Be Sunk

As it does with all of our news stories, The Wave has reported on the Port Ambrose Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) project as objectivity as possible. But as concerned members of the community, we also know the comment period for the LNG proposal will end on March 16, so we are urging people to write, call and demand a veto from either Governor Andrew Cuomo or Chris Christie to put an end to this incredibly divisive and potentially dangerous project. Port Ambrose LNG Terminal Protest -- Swimmers in water with NO LNG sign.

Port Ambrose LNG Terminal Protest“

The proposed Port Ambrose facility will irrevocably harm any current and future efforts to limit the impact of human activity on the environment,” said Councilman Donovan Richards, Chair to the Committee on Environmental Protection. “I look forward to continuing this conversation and aggressively supporting other efforts to end the encroachment of natural gas.”All of our elected officials are united on their stance on Port Ambrose, as are local environmental activists such as Dan Mundy Sr. of the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers.

“The disturbances directly to 22 miles of ocean floor and indirectly to thousands of acres of surrounding area due to the sediment dispersal would be huge,” he told The Wave. “The impacts on the aquatic life, that is to the resident fish in the area, to those populations, as well as to the migratory whales, dolphins, etc. is immeasurable.”

As noted by The Wave’s Chris Viaggio, one of the even more distasteful aspects of this LNG proposal is that it will deprive the peninsula of a potentially interesting alternative; the much cleaner, renewable Long Island–New York City Offshore Wind Project which would be built on – and instead of — the site for Port Ambrose.

“As our communities unite and draw a long line in the sand against LNG Port Ambrose, we must also foster the transition to clean renewable wind energy it jeopardizes,” said George Povall, from All Our Energy. “The choice couldn’t be clearer.”

But Cuomo has remained silent, and Christie may be running for president, so fears are building both will sit this one out.

That is unacceptable on too many levels to count. Demand they veto the project, demand they speak on the issue, and remind them that they work for us.

Call Cuomo at 518-474-8390 and Christie at 609-292-6000

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