Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth – Students Visit Lamont-Doherty Observatory

Recently, the Sierra Club’s NYC Group sponsored six NYC public school eighth grade classes to visit the Lamont-Doherty Observatory of Columbia University’s renowned Earth Institute. The Sierra Club extended these sponsorships through the Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth Foundation, named for long-time Sierra Club Member and great educator and School Board Member and President, Sophie Gerson. Located in Palisades, NY, Lamont-Doherty is one of the nation’s leading centers of scientific research in climate change and Earth science. Eighth grade NYC students study Earth Science (and take the Earth Science regents). Columbia arranges for students to engage in hands-on exercises and experiments at Lamont-Doherty laboratories under the tutelage of Earth Institute scientists. Students leave this impactful experience with greater insight into their connection to the planet, a greater understanding of scientific methodology and the science of climate change, an improved self-confidence in their scientific abilities, and greater inspiration to do their part to save the planet!

Students from MS 302 in the Southeast Bronx at Lamont Doherty:

An overview of the Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth School Year and Summer Programs:

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