Farm Bill

We will continue to post updates on the Farm Bill, which is currently being drafted. To learn more, check out the following:

Learn more about Farm Bill basics by listening to the NSAC/SSAWG webinars on the Farm Bill available here.

Familiarize yourselves with NSAC by visiting their website

Learn about turning the Farm Bill into the Food Bill:

Take Action to Ban Glyphosate from our Food:

The conservation issues are a bit more contentious, and while they may not directly impact NYC, the ramifications of several conservation programs impact everyone. Here is a link to some good information from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition on conservation issues in the next farm bill.

Another policy that is interesting right now is a local foods bill, called the local FARMS act. Here is the press release, and there are links to a summary and detailed outline at the bottom of the website.

There is also an urban agriculture bill that will support research and education in urban agriculture, and this is being pushed by Senator Stabenow, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Agriculture Committee. While they have not introduced a bill this year, they introduced something similar last year and have made it clear that urban agriculture is going to be a key priority in the next farm bill. Here is a link to the old urban agriculture bill, so that you can get some context on what policies they may be thinking about.