Potential Fracked Gas Pipeline Crossing Indian Point: Act Now

Why It Matters

As you know, having a fracked gas pipeline crossing Indian Point is a highly risky proposition for Westchester and the whole New York metropolitan area. Should there be an explosion there, radioactive material could be spread far and wide.

How You Can Help

Please email Westchester’s newly-elected County Executive George Latimer at ce@westchestergov.com. If you live in Putnam or Rockland county, your message to Mr. Latimer will still have an impact! Ask him to please:

  1. Press Governor Cuomo to publicly release the risk assessment of the co-location of the Enbridge/Spectra Algonquin AIM gas pipeline and the Indian Point nuclear power plant. This study was commissioned in February 2016 at taxpayer cost of $250,000;
  2. Work with elected officials and advocates (Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group, Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion, Resist Spectra, Unity, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition) toward the goal of requiring the abandonment and dismantling of the Enbridge/Spectra AIM pipeline at Indian Point;
  3. Work with elected officials and advocates to prevent building a gas plant at or near Indian Point.

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