NY’s Commitment to Climate, Renewable Energy and Equity

Sierra Club Applauds Major Commitment to Climate, Renewable Energy and Equity By Governor Cuomo in 2018 State of the State

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out a bold climate vision January 2, with the release of the “Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda” proposals that will make up part of his 2018 State of the State Address. Critical among the proposals are final regulations that will set a responsible and enforceable path to retire the remaining coal-fired power plants in the state and aggressive investments in offshore wind. Additionally, the Governor showed a renewed commitment to climate equity and justice with a state level expansion of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to include dirty peaking power plants, stronger investments in energy efficiency and a proposal to make rooftop solar affordable and accessible to more New Yorkers.

In response to the announcement Lisa Dix, Senior New York Representative for Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, issued the following statement:

“The Governor has chosen to lean forward on climate change and renewable energy – setting him, and his administration, up to play a key leadership role on these issues nationally and internationally. Critically, the Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda provides a path to ensure that the state no longer relies on dirty, dangerous and outdated coal fired power through a commitment that ensures all such plants in the state will retire by 2020. This, in conjunction with an 800 megawatt offshore wind development plan, charts a clear course for the state, ensuring that New York leads where the federal government fails – crafting a visionary agenda to combat climate disruption with renewable energy while creating family wage jobs alongside new economic development and manufacturing opportunities for New Yorkers.

Moreover, the Governor has shown a willingness to tackle the harder questions of energy and pollution inequality with proposals like the RGGI expansion, robust targets for energy efficiency programs, and the introduction of accessible rooftop solar for low income families. These programs will clean up the air for those who need it most while saving money for consumers and ensuring that New York levels the playing field, getting the state one step closer to equitable energy access, a clean environment and and affordable electricity for all.

We applaud the Governor for this announcement and will be proud to work with him in the coming weeks and months to make this vision a reality.”

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