In Memoriam: Allison Tupper

On June 22, Allison Tupper, former chair of the Sierra Club’s NYC Group, passed away. She stepped into a demanding position at a difficult time and handled it with understated dignity.

From Marcy Benstock: Allison was a principled, true-blue environmentalist who was dedicated to protecting and preserving the critical habitat in the lower Hudson River. Having served as co-chair of the Sierra Club NYC Group’s Hudson River Estuary Committee with Allison, and knowing what a super job she did testifying at public hearings, writing letters, chairing meetings, and cheerfully doing unexciting but essential volunteer tasks for the Club year after year, I marvel at her enormous contributions. Allison’s invaluable pro bono work for the public good was immensely helpful to many other organizations as well, from Clean Air Campaign to neighborhood groups, tenant associations and more. Everyone I know liked and respected Allison, and her honesty, fairness, eagerness to correct mistakes, and understanding of a wide range of issues will be greatly missed.

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