Here is a sample of a letter to send to your representative in Congress.

You can find the contact information for all the members of the House of Representatives here (just enter your zip code):\

You can find the Senators contact information here:

A snail-mail letter is the most effective way of getting attention, but emails and phone calls are also effective.  You will find physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses on the sites above.

Personalize the letter as much as you can, and if there are issues in the Farm Bill that interest you, fill them in.



Hi, my name is ____ and Im a constituent and a ____ [farmer, parent, concerned citizen, etc.]. 

I care about climate change, regenerating soil, clean water, and air. I care about my health and the health of my neighbors. I care about equality and justice. 

I know that agriculture has a profound effect on all of the above and that the Farm Bill has a huge effect on agriculture. But there are many parts of the Farm Bill–such as commodity subsidies and insurance for crops that are grown on fragile land–that cause harm. I know that billions of dollars are paid to huge corporate farms and to billionaires instead of to the people and farmers that need and deserve those dollars the most. I hope that you will be part of the effort to improve the Farm Bill so that it is part of the solution to the climate crisis, the epidemics of chronic disease, hunger, and inequality,

I know that the Farm Bill cannot be totally overhauled in 2023, but I am asking you to help set ambitious but realistic goals to improve it.

Thank you!