Community Board 7 Takes a Stand on Super-Tall Buildings


We wanted to share with you an exciting update from the February 21st Community Board 7 Land Use Committee meeting regarding Super-Tall buildings.

We asked for a resolution that:
-Calls for no new shadows on Central Park
-Defines height of floors
-Limits the use of mechanical spaces to mechanical use and
-Requires voids to be counted in Floor Area Ratio

…and they’ve promised to release a draft resolution in the next couple of days.

Meeting Notes

A draft resolution addressing the issue of Super-Tall buildings being out of context in our neighborhood just passed the Community Board 7 Land Use Committee with 7 favorable votes and 0 no votes and 0 abstentions. The 9 members of the Community Board on hand also voted unanimously in favor of the draft resolution, which when drafting is complete will be posted on the CB7 web-site in the coming days. We will share the language of that resolution as soon as we have it.

Further to the meeting, George Janes, an urban planner with expertise in zoning, made a presentation to the attendees explaining how new technology and market demand for apartments in the sky have come together to create this issue. Mr. Janes explained that the key issues appear to include expanding “floor to floor” heights, placement of mechanical spaces, and inter-building voids.

In addition to City Board 7 taking a position on the Super-Tall building issue, we are assured that Council Member Rosenthal is poised to fight the development, and that Mayor deBlasio and Building Commissioner Lago have addressed the issue of voids at a recent town hall.

Next Steps

Please write to CB7 at in support of this resolution.

Please save the date for the next CB7 Full Meeting on March 6 when the full board will consider passing their resolution. Attend and support the vote!


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