• Carbon Farming Could Stabilize the Climate

    The San Francisco Bay Area’s upscale restaurateurs and market owners know Loren Poncia’s Stemple Creek Ranch for its premium grass-finished organic beef and lamb. But during an early fall day on Poncia’s scenic ranch, there was little green in sight. Following the summer’s record-breaking heat, his rolling coastal prairie hills were brown and dotted with […]

  • Carbon Farming: A Potential End to Climate Change?

    We can’t say we weren’t warned. For years, scientists have argued that human civilization must prevent the planet’s average annual temperature from rising by more than 2 degrees Celsius—or face certain catastrophe. Once we pass that critical threshold, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, life on planet earth is going to be a […]

  • Solar and Batteries Joining Forces to Beat Natural Gas

    Natural gas is getting edged out of power markets across the U.S. by two energy sources that, together, are proving to be an unbeatable mix: solar and batteries. In just the latest example, First Solar Inc. won a power contract to supply Arizona’s biggest utility when electricity demand on its system typically peaks, between 3 […]

  • STUDY: Rooftop Solar and EVs Cut Water Usage and Pollution

    Solar panels and electric vehicles (EVs) are two prime examples of technologies that can help people minimize their environmental footprint, without sacrificing comfort or having to radically change their daily behavior. But the question still remains: how much of an environmental benefit do these technologies actually produce? And, are there actions that owners of these […]