Atlantic Chapter Calls for ExCom Nominations

The Atlantic Chapter Executive Committee (ExCom) sets Sierra Club conservation policy in New York State and administers the Chapter. The Chapter ExCom meets in person four times a year and has conference calls several times a year. Some ExCom members are chosen by their local Groups. Others, the nine at-large delegates, are elected by the statewide Chapter membership for two-year terms. This fall’s election will fill five at-large seats beginning in January 2018. Every member of the Chapter is eligible. If you’re interested in running for one of these seats, please let the Nominating Committee (NomCom) know by July 14. Send your name, address and membership number to the Nominating Committee, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, PO Box 38225, Albany, NY 12203 or by e-mail to Please include a statement about your qualifications and reasons for running to help the NomCom decide whether to nominate you. The NomCom will notify you by July 28 if it’s nominating you as a candidate for at-large delegate. If you’re not nominated by the NomCom you can become a candidate by filing a petition signed by at least 50 members of the Chapter. The deadline for filing petitions to be a candidate is September 8. The NomCom has the option until September 8 to nominate more candidates. The deadline for all candidates to submit the final version of their ballot statements is September 8.

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