Volunteer with People’s Climate Movement: Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice National Day of Action

At the Sierra Club, the Resist Campaign team is coordinating this year’s Peoples Climate Movement: Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice national day of action on September 8th. This year’s PCM will be less focused on one mass mobilization, and instead place a greater emphasis on distributed actions around the country and world. There have always been sister events with PCM, but this year there will be more intentional investment in building up a distributed network of events! The day of action is being referred to as “Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice”, a national day of action hosted by the Peoples Climate Movement. So, while there will be a mass mobilization in San Francisco, CA, all of us who are outside that region are encouraged to host our own event, rather than travel to one main march.This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities! Many of you may already be in state-level conversations about what local event you’re planning – that’s amazing. If you’re not already planning, the time to start is now!Events may be hosted by a variety of partner groups and everyone is encouraged to participate, whether as a volunteer or as a member of Sierra Club or another organization. And why September 8th? Four days before the Global Climate Action Summit and two months before the 2018 midterm elections, the Peoples Climate Movement will be calling for a transition to a new 100% clean and renewable energy future that creates millions of family sustaining jobs, and ensures that racial and economic justice are core to action on climate in every community.Our calls for Climate, Jobs, and Justice will resonate loudly, and eight weeks later, millions more will carry the spirit of the People’s Climate Movement into the election season and beyond.


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