Screening: Taking Root, The Vision of Wangari Maathai

New York State granted women the right to vote 100 years ago on November 6, 1917, three years before the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. United for Action wants to celebrate more than 100 years of women activism from the women’s suffrage movement to the feminist movement to the Women’s March and pay homage to many incredible women by organizing to show a film series devoted to highlight courageous and amazing women activists, including environmental activists. As the first film to kickoff this series, we would like to show the documentary film Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai.

Dr. Wangari Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement, a grassroots environmental organization advocating for human rights, good governance and peaceful democratic change through environmental stewardship. The Green Belt taught women in Kenya to plant trees and rally against deforestation and spurred a tree-planting initiative across Africa. Dr. Maathai organized and helped to bring down Kenya’s 24-year dictatorship. Dr. Maathai was the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

Please join us to see this film on Friday February 23, 2018. Following the 80-minute film, we will hold a brief discussion. We will see that one person can make a huge difference. This film will inspire us and give us hope. When we get involved and work together, we can achieve what has been perceived as impossible.

Admission is free. We would appreciate any donation amount at the door, which will go to the Rutgers Presbyterian Church for their good works and their generous support of our movement.