The Hidden Value of “Waste” Tour

The term “waste” has been embedded in our society as the idea that materials become worthless once they’ve served their originally intended purposes. However, by shifting our perspective just a little, much value can be discovered in the streams we’ve inaccurately labeled as “waste”. A wider appreciation of these values could spur the more efficient and reverent use of the materials we rely on. That’s the premise behind Sustainable Materials Management (SMM).

To discover these hidden values for yourself, we welcome you to join the SU-EFC and NYSAR3 for an inspiring, behind-the-scenes tour of waste reduction operations that are decreasing our reliance on landfills and incinerators, creating value from discarded materials, and addressing important social justice issues.

Price: $15 Non-NYSAR3 Members* | $0 NYSAR3 Members*
(*Includes lunch and shuttle bus transportation between the tour stops.)

Space is Limited – Please Register to Attend: