Hack Trash: NYC

Every year 6 million tons of waste produced by New York City is disposed through the economically and environmentally unsustainable practice of landfilling. NYC’s 0x30 Campaign has set the ambitious goal of sending zero waste to landfill by the year 2030. We’re not going to get there without you!

Join Hack: Trash: NYC and the NYC Department of Sanitation in making it happen!

The Challenge…

Develop and pitch an innovative product, business model, service, policy or education campaign, that increases reuse in NYC and results in a meaningful diversion of waste from landfill.

The Prizes…

The top three teams will win:
-Cash prizes totaling $5000.
-An opportunity to pitch their project to an exclusive VC roundtable (3pm on November 6th).
-Plus, one team will be selected to participate in an Open Innovation Session courtesy of The New Bureau!

During this session the team will develop a roadmap, identify commercialization opportunities, create business models, all to help propel the solution’s implementation success!

One team will be selected for a half-day development workshop courtesy of the strategy and innovation firm Co:Collective

During this session the Co:Collective team will help develop a strategy to move their project from concept to reality!

One team will be granted an automatic pitch slot at the next Talk Trash City event!

This team will be granted an automatic pitch slot to share their concept with the audience of the next Talk Trash City event for the chance to win an additional cash prize!

Not sure if you should join in? Don’t have a team yet? Don’t have an solution yet? Never been to a hack before? Don’t Worry!

All you need is an interest in reducing waste in NYC.

Whether we’re designers, policy experts, lawyers or whatever… we spend most of our time locked up in our silos. The most innovative ideas come from the most diverse teams. HACK:TRASH:NYC is your chance to get out of your bubble and meet like-minded people with different knowledge and skill sets! There will be ample opportunity for you to team up at the event.

Register here: http://www.hacktrash.nyc/