H2O Summer Tours: Central Park Ramble

Except for its northern section, most of Manhattan Island’s topography and surface features have been altered by cutting down high elevations and filling in low places. Yet, here and there, “ghosts” of former features remain as clues to the Island’s past as seen in Central Park!

We will see some of those original features when viewing Manhattan Island’s “continental divide” and the Manhattan Schist that forms Central Park’s underpinnings.

Central Park’s Ramble was designed by Olmsted and Vaux as a “wild garden” by creating “natural” features that included a ravine, cave and most remarkably, a stream turned on and off by a faucet. To create the Ramble, they enlarged its former Butterfly Stream valley and dammed it to form the Park’s “Lake.”

Among the ghosts, are the remains of the first Croton Reservoir, built in 1842.

Join us to explore the original drainage and geologic features of this area of Manhattan.

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