Earth Day Rally

The purpose of this peaceful rally is to celebrate our planet on Earth Day and to learn ways we can push back on Trump’s climate agenda from speakers at city and state governmental levels who are working on climate and environmental issues. We will be welcomed by a Lanaape Indigenous faith leader. A union leader will share his union’s perspective on our theme. Scientist Sandra Steinraber represents and relates to the importance of science in our efforts to reverse the present, dangerous level of global warming, as well as the negative health impacts of fossil fuels. Music by Bethany and Rufus will delight and offer unifying song. We will share in a performance piece, “Earth Restoration” by the artist joined by representatives of climate and environmental organizations.

Join us on Earth Day for this noon rally at Foley Square to express our opposition to Trump’s climate agenda. Trump calls climate change a hoax. He has promised to reduce the environmental regulations that protect our air and water and to increaser our reliance on coal, gas and oil. To protect all living things on our planet, we must transition as quickly as possible from fossil fuels and nuclear to a new, green economy based on renewable energy.

We invite all people to join in this peaceful rally. If you like, bring signs calling for renewable energy, an end to fossil fuels and nuclear energy, preserve our Paris Climate Agreement contributions and Stop Trump’s Climate Agenda! Thank you, see you there Saturday, April 22, 2017 as we celebrate this wondrous planet and learn how we can better protect our home, planet earth.

Highlights & speakers include:

  • Dwaine C. Perry, Diretor/Chief, Ramapough Lunaape Nation
  • Sandra Steingraber, Scientist, Author, Award Winner
  • CM Costa Constantinides, New York City Council, Chair, Environmental Protection Committee
  • Liz Krueger & Brad Hoylman, New York State Senators
  • Bethany Yarrow and Rufus – Music, Song
  • Linda Rosenthal, New York State Assembly
  • Jon Forster, DC 37
  • Lawrence Jennings, GreenFaith Interfaith Partner
  • “Earth Restoration” Performance Art – C. Skopic with Environmental Organization Representatives

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