Call for NYC Executive Committee Nominations

The Sierra Club NYC Group is looking for committed activists to serve on the Group’s Executive Committee (ExCom).
The ExCom meets monthly on a weekday evening to decide on environmental issues and resources to promote what we believe in through:

-new member engagement
-conservation initiatives
-educating on social media, forums and the like
-researching & advocating public policy reform
-helping to elect officials who share the Club’s agenda

ExCom members, along with other SC members, may contribute to the newsletter and website; serve on the political committee to consider whom to endorse for public office; represent the Club at environmental events; organize SC NYC events; help fundraise; and serve on issue committees. If you’re interested in working in an area that’s not covered, let’s talk!

If you’re a committed and energetic environmentalist who’s interested in serving on the NYC ExCom, please get in touch by sending a short statement by August 26: What are your environmental priorities and organizing experiences? What Sierra Club positions are you familiar with? What in your background attracts you to help administer the activities of the NYC Group?

After August 26, the Nominating Committee (NomCom) will notify all potential nominees if they’ve been nominated. We will meet with each candidate in late August and early September. Would-be nominees who have not been nominated by the NomCom may petition by obtaining the signatures of 25 NYC Group members. Petitions are due to the NomCom by September 15, and ballot statements of all candidates (nominated or petition) are also due by September 15.
The election will fill five 2-year terms.

Please send your statement by August 26 to:
Carl Arnold, or
Margaret Perkins, or
Murray Lantner,

Hoping to hear from you,
Allison Tupper, Chair, NYC Group

PS: If you’re not ready to serve on the ExCom but want to promote the work of the Sierra Club, consider joining a committee. To learn more about the Sierra Club NYC Group, visit our website and our Facebook page.


  1. Wysmuller Tom says:

    Posting the announcement of Ex-Com vacancy availability on the 18th and requiring a statement submission by the 20th is evidence of extraordinary insularity. I think you should follow the lead of National Sierra and do better – MUCH better!!!

    • Shannon Cuthbert says:

      Hi Tom, I am very sorry at the oversight! We only recently launched the site and it has been as tough balancing act ensuring all posts get up in a timely manner! Please still do reach out if you have any nominations you’d like to make!

  2. Wysmuller Tom says:

    Here’s my reply to Gwyn Jones, who was copied on this post:

    On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 10:06 AM, Thomas Wysmuller wrote:

    Thanks for getting back to me, Gwyn! I checked with Thelma Fellows (Acting Secretary of the NYC EXCom) and she believes the website is in error, with an August 20 deadline being the real one. I fully agree that a 30 day window is far more appropriate that the 2 days posted on the same site.

    If Thelma is correct, then “case closed” on this issue.

    I hope all is well with you and your prior activities in Chapter Support on our behalf is much appreciated. Christina Novaton is filling some pretty big shoes, and I trust she’ll wear them well!!!


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