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Putting a Link in Your Email Message

You’ve just read an article on line that excites you and you want to tell friends about it. However, you’re not sure how to provide a link for that article so that others can read the article as well. One possibility is just to copy the article into your email. However, this means that others can’t actually see the original post nor can they pass it on to others. For that reason, providing the original URL is superior.

This article walks you through the process of inserting the URL into your email message.

You Find an Article You Like

So, you find an article you like, say this one.

So, you want to share this article with all your friends, perhaps to provide publicity for the NYC Group website and its excellent and useful content. Here are the steps for doing that.

Start an Email

So, I’m going to use Outlook, my email tool, but this will work in yahoo or any other email tool.

So, the first thing is to create a new email, as shown above. You will probably click on “New,” “New E-mail,” or something similar. You’ll see something that looks more or less like this (remember this is Outlook—your email program may have more of fewer features.)

So you will fill in the “To” and “Subject” lines and the write some text, e.g,”I want to share this terrific blog post I found. It is by Michael Brune and it’s posted on the New York City Sierra Club website. Here is the URL you need:” We’ll put the URL after the phrase “the URL you need.”

You will copy that URL into your email. You can most easily do this by highlighting the address and either

(a)    right-clicking on the address and selecting “Copy” from the drop-down menu or (b) right-clicking on the address and pressing <Ctrl>-C (simultaneously pressing the Control [Ctrl] and “C” keys);

(b)   moving your cursor after the space immediately after “you need: “ and pressing -V in the example;

(c)    move your cursor to the spot immediately after “. . . tomorrow/”, again, in the example, and press the space bar.

It will look something like this.

Obviously, if you use a browser email program, like yahoo mail, it will look somewhat differently, but body of the mail should look very similar.