Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club Present: An Update on Crude Oil Transportation in the Hudson Valley

Join Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club on May 27 for a webinar panel addressing the latest risks facing New York through the vast transport of crude oil within the state. Also learn about what you can do to protect New York State’s communities and natural resources from a crude oil disaster.

Kate Hudson, Riverkeeper, Director of Special Projects
Sean Dixon, Riverkeeper, Staff Attorney, Hudson River Program
Roger Downs, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, Conservation Director

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Adding Events to the Calendar

This page explains how to create events on the Calendar page of the Sierra Club NYC Group website. Note, you must be registered and a contributor to create events on our calendar.

Go to to login. You will see a screen similar to this. Note , you must be registered and a contributor to create events on our calendar.

Enter your username and password and click Log in. If you aren’t registered, go to our home page,, and click on the Register button on the bottom of the left sidebar.
You will see Dashboard screen and a menu on the left hand side. Run your cursor over the word “Calendar at the bottom of the menu and click on the down arrow to its right. The “Manage Calendar” option appears and looks similar to this.

You will then see a “Manage Calendar page. The Add Event portion of the screen will be similar to the following.

Add event screen

Add event screen


Enter an Event Title, Event Description, date and start time, and if you have one, a link to information about the event. Keep the written content as short as possible. Along event title will obscure the time that appear below it. Event descriptions should be 50 words or less, but no longer than about 100 words (this example is 107 words). A filled in form will look similar to the following.

Filled in entry form

Filled in entry form


Click Save.

Now open up a new browser window or tab and go to the website to see how it looks. This announcement looks like this.


Calendar Entry

Calendar Entry


Notice that I had to truncate the title (leaving out “for Peace”) because it did not fit in the space allotted. Notice, I also left out the SC at the beginning to denote a NYC Group sponsored event. (This is not noted in the text here, but it was noted in the original communication. You would use” NYS SC.”

Now, because I left out the SC, I need to go back to the form an edit it. Of course, it you found other problems with the posting, you would do the same.  So, go back to the Manage Calendar screen and scroll down to the “Manage Events” section, where you will see events listed in reverse chronological order.

Find you event and, on the right end, click “Edit.” This will put the Event back in the “Edit Event” section.

Type “SC“ at the beginning of the event description and click the Save button.  Go back to the Events page on the Sierra Club site and you will see the event exactly as you want it.