• Hudson River Estuary

    The NYC Sierra Club works to protect the lower Hudson River and its waterfront. Our three major goals are: protecting the Hudson River as an extremely important aquatic habitat; stopping inappropriate development on the shoreline and in the River itself; and creating true parkland for public access to the water. We

  • Gowanus Canal

    The Gowanus Canal is a 100 foot wide waterway opening into Gowanus Bay that was created in the late 19th century by dredging a creek and wetlands. It was used by heavy industry amd over the years it became heavily polluted. The Sierra Club was one of the organizations working

  • Community Gardens

    The Sierra Club NYC works to preserve open spaces in the city and ensure access to them for community gardeners. The Sierra club is committed to advancing social and environmental justice. We want to help build strong neighborhoods through cooperative programs linking youth, educational, and cultural institutions to community gardens.

  • Biosolids

    The NYC Group Biosolids Committee works to encourage the proper use of New York City wastewater. We aim to keep our waterways cleaner, our sludge product (Biosolids) satisfactory, and the NYC users informed. We are in contact with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner and agency staff, the operator