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A Gulf Oil Disaster in the Arctic?

A Letter from Michael Brune

Five years after the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history—and we’re still finding oil.

Oil washing up on beaches. Oil at the bottom of the gulf. Oil covering dolphins, killing turtles, and poisoning birds.

But none of that matters to Shell. The Administration just confirmed the oil company’s lease to drill off Arctic shores, and it’s moving huge oil rigs to the Arctic right now. The same Arctic that’s considered our planet’s greatest natural treasure, where the extreme, frigid climate would make oil spill clean-up virtually impossible. The same Arctic that has less and less ice to spare every year.

Are you ready to lose our nation’s last, greatest wilderness area forever?

We need to raise $200,000 in the next 18 days to have a shot at keeping the Arctic whole: Donate today to the Sierra Club and help us save our last great wilderness areas and the animals that rely on them.

Your support will provide the people-power and resources we need the moment the Arctic, the Atlantic coast, and other wild places come under attack—and the stamina to go as many rounds it takes to win big battles for the environment. While the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline approval hangs in the balance, and while gray wolves still face losing their critical protections, we need to show Big Oil and the Obama Administration that we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Be a part of that force today. Donate now.

How much pristine land and ocean will we let Big Oil destroy? After the catastrophic Exxon Valdez spill killed otters, seals, bald eagles, and orca whales, the oil companies said it could be done safely.

But they’ve been proven wrong so many times. Prudhoe Bay, Deepwater Horizon—the list goes on and on. Thousands of miles of wilderness destroyed, thousands of animals killed. New technology hasn’t kept these disasters from getting worse, and we lose more wildlife and wilderness every time Big Oil drills.

They’ve taken too much. We refuse to let them take even one more step.

The good news? You’ve helped us stave off Shell for 8 years running. Your calls, your actions, your financial support have kept Shell from making headway with their plans. Just last month, supporters like you sent 40,000 messages to President Obama, asking him to shut down drilling in the Arctic and the Atlantic.

Now Shell is gearing up again to get its hands on the land we’ve successfully kept out of reach for so long. We’ve won before, and we can win again.

Will you chip in with an urgent gift right now, before Shell moves in for good? Give now to defend our most precious wildlife and wild places.

Thank you for fighting hard until the last day—we’re not letting up, and we’re so grateful you aren’t either.


Michael Brune, Executive Director
Sierra Club