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Sierra Club Election

This page concerns voting for the Sierra Club Executive Committee. Only members of the Sierra Club in New York City  are allowed to vote in this election and will be required to put in a valid voter id.

The Executive Committee (ExCom) of the Sierra Club, New York City Group sets policy in conservation, finance, lobbying, and all political activity at the New York City level. It has nine members serving staggered two‑year terms. This election will choose six ExCom members, four with terms with terms to expire at the end of 2018, and two with terms to expire at the end of 2017.

For the six vacancies there are seven candidates, whose names appear on the ballot in random order. You can read their candidate statements here. You can vote for up to six candidates. You may vote for fewer than six candidates, but you may not cast more than one vote for any one candidate.

This material concerns the NYC Group only. Members should have received a separate Sierra Atlantic newsletter with the ballot for the Atlantic Chapter (New York State) election.

Ballots will be counted publicly at a date, time, and place to be announced on  For information about candidates, please see the voting material that was sent to you in the City Sierran.

You must be a currently enrolled Sierra Club New York City Group member to vote in this election.

How to Vote

You may vote either online or by mailing in a paper ballot.  Paper ballots received from members who vote online will not be counted.

The election closes on Friday, December 30, 2016. Paper ballots must be received by December 30.

Sample ExCom Ballot: Vote for up to 6 Candidates

The sample ballot below shows all candidates. You should vote for only six (6).If there is a single voter in the household, vote only in the Voter 1 column. If there are two voters in the household use both columns.

Voting Online

Online voting will close at midnight on December 30 as well.  You can reach the voting site by clicking on the following link:  “

Candidate Voter 1 Voter 2
Lisa DiCaprio
Alan Gerson
Gary Nickerson
Xenia Parker
Thelma Fellows
Carl Arnold    
Bonnie Webber