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Live Green Work Green

If you want a career and save the planet, make sure you have a background in science! That was the message heard by students and graduates  at  a NYU event organized by Earth Day NY titled: Live Green Work Green – Sustainable Lives to Sustainable Careers.

Sierra Club volunteers were there to talk to young people to invite them to join the Club in its various task forces and campaigns.

Various panels made up of leaders in government, the not-for-profit world, lawyers, scientists, business entrepreneurs including marketing and bus companies all stressed the need to have data because everything is data driven these days.

And, solutions often involve new technologies where a background in science is crucial such as brownfield remediation, alternative energy modalities, building resiliency after storm surges, assessing green products or agricultural methods the list goes on.

Panelists one after another said that they received on the job training but a background in science, statistics, chemistry and writing computer software were most helpful to them. They also stressed that young people should be open to as many different experiences as possible even non paid internships.

Students took that to heart and many approached the Sierra Club table to find out how to get involved.