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Gas Drilling

Fracking Process  from ProPublica

Fracking Process from ProPublica

Want to understand fracking? Read “Hydraulic Fracturing 101” from Earthworks. Image at left from ProPublica.

For an extensive discussion of many aspects of gas exploration and exploitation, see  Also, see Gas Drilling — Final Wake-up Call, by Gusti Bogok with Carl Arnold, City Sierran, May 2010

Listen to “Worries over Water as Natural Gas Fracking Expands,” from NPR Morning Edition, August 2, 2011, or read it here

The oil and gas industry mantra is that there is not one documented case where fracking caused contamination of water supplies. Well, here’s one and there were more that  researchers weren’t allowed to look at. Here is a list of over 650 people who were harmed by gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

And, also from Pennsylvania,  here is a new video by Josh Fox with Sean Lennon, Yoko Lennon, and Susan Sarandon as they toured gas drilling areas.

The video  looks at the actual experiences of real people in Pennsylvania that will be be duplicated if fracking  is permitted in New York State.