2015 Election Results

Jim Lane, elected, 208; Frank Eadie, elected, 199; Ken Baer, elected, 194; Antuan Cannon, elected, 178; Allison Tupper, elected, 175; Thelma Fellows, 166; Alex Sanchez, 146.

Contacts & Committees

Address: Sierra Club, New York City Group, 1115  Broadway, 11th fl, New York, NY 10010


Chair: Allison Tupper
Vice-Chair: Ken Baer
Secretary:  Jim Lane jamesmlane@aol.com 201-610-1458
Treasurer: Irene Van Slyke irene.vanslyke@verizon.net 718.852.5668
Asst. Treasurer: Gary Nickerson
Conservation Chair: Diane Buxbaum ddbuxbaum@earthlink.net

Executive Committee (EXCOM)

Allison Tupper, Chair
Ken Baer hungryhiker@aol.com
Diane Buxbaum ddbuxbaum@earthlink.net
Antuan Canon
Frank Eadie eadie2act4water@aol.com 212 348-6777
Thelma Fellows, thelmafellows@gmail.com
Alan Jay Gerson alanjgerson@gmail.com 917 414 6978, 212 533 6218
Jim Lane jamesmlane@aol.com
Gary Nickerson, gary@gwntec.com 917.450.2687
Bonnie Lane Webber, BLANEWEBER@aol.com
Atlantic Chapter Representatives:
Ken Baer hungryhiker@aol.com

Committees and Committee Chairs:

Biosolids: Edgar Freud elfreud@aol.com 212.877.4394

Bylaws and Standing Rules, Jim Lane jamesmlane@aol.com 201-610-1458

Budget Committee, Jim Lane jamesmlane@aol.com 201-610-1458

City Sierran Working Group, Ken Baer hungryhiker@aol.com

Community Gardens: Irene Van Slyke irene.vanslyke@verizon.net 718.852.5668

Conservation Chair, Diane Buxbaum ddbuxbaum@earthlink.net; Conservation Co-Chair, Suzanne Mattei

Energy, Frank Eadie eadie2act4water@aol.com 212 348-6777

Food: Environmentally Responsible Living in New York, Bonnie Lane Webber, BLANEWEBER@aol.com and Irene Van Slyke irene.vanslyke@verizon.net

Gowanus Canal Committee: Diane Buxbaum ddbuxbaum@earthlink.net and Marlene Donnelly

Hudson River Estuary Committee[/ppopup]: Jim Lane jamesmlane@aol.com 201-610-1458

Legal Advisor, James Lane  jamesmlane@aol.com 201-610-1458

Jamaica Bay: Don Riepe donriepe@gmail.com (718) 318-9344

Listserv Monitor: Bonnie Lane Weber, BLANEWEBER@aol.com

Million Trees and White Roofs Campaign: John Kolp, jlkolp@yahoo.com 212.400.8230

Newsletter Committee (print and electronic) Ken Baer (chair), Moisha Blechman, Gary Nickerson, Bonnie Lane Webber

Online Communications Committee: Gary Nickerson, Chair, gary@gwntec.com, 917.450.2687

  • Webmaster,  Facebook and Twitter Admin, and Monthly eNewsletter Managing Editor

Political Committee: Irene van Slyke, Chair irene.vanslyke@verizon.net, 718.852.5668; Ken Baer, Vice Chair.

Population/Consumption Committee, Co-chairs, Margaret Perkins meperkins@nyc.rr.com and Audrey Bernstein, uniquenativecrafts@yahoo.com.

Sustainability Series for New York City, Bonny Weber, Chair BLANEWEBER@aol.com

Tabling Contact and Outreach — Thelma Fellows, thelmafellows@gmail.com

Transportation Comm Chair is Dan Blumenthal dbit99@yahoo.com.

Tabling Contact and Outreach — Thelma Fellows, thelmafellows@gmail.com

Urban Development, Alan Jay Gerson alanjgerson@gmail.com 917 414 6978

Youth Outreach Committee: Alan Gerson alanjgerson@gmail.com 212 533 6218

Committees Not Overseen by SC NYC ExCom

[ppopup id="926"]Inner City Outings[/ppopup]:  http://187nycico.simplweb.com/ Contact Katie Frusti at katiefrusti@gmail.com

[ppopup id="909"]Photography Committee[/ppopup]: Harvey Kopel: harvey@kopel.us