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Brooklyn Bridge Park

In July 2015, the City proposed building two apartment buildings in Brooklyn Bridge Park in addition to the ones that had already been built.  The original two were built on the premise that their income would finance maintenance of the Park, which they did, so the new buildings were not needed for that purpose. The Sierra Club in New York opposed the additional buildings and the plans to change the original agreement to allow further building in the Park. On July 30, there was a public hearing on the proposed expansion. The following documents include testimony what was submitted at the hearing, a email that was submitted in opposition to the building, and an email asking people to oppose the building of two buildings.

Testimony can be submitted by August 31. See the background letter by Common Cause below for information on where to send it.

Testimony by Ken Baer

Testimony by Irene Van Slyke

Letter from Diane Buxbaum

Act on Brooklyn Bridge Park by Lucy Korteen

Background on Brooklyn Bridge Park by Common Cause