• How Technology Can Help Save the Environment

    It’s no secret that technology plays a large role in today’s society, and its place in our lives will only increase. Although there are many positives and negatives to this arrangement, one place where technology can really shine is its role in protecting the environment. There are several different new and upcoming technologies that can […]

  • RECAP: NY’s Zero-Emission Watercraft Seminar 04-06-20

    NYC Sierra Club sponsored a seminar discussing the adoption of a zero-emission watercraft for the state of New York on Monday, April 6th 2020. Senator Todd Kaminsky, who co-sponsored the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act in June 2019, started the discussion with his introduction of NY’s current environmental efforts. Below is a list of the […]

  • How Can YOU Help Register Voters in 2020?

    The Sierra Club is making the 2020 election a top priority. You are personally invited to join the largest electoral mobilization in the Sierra Club’s history. We’re asking for your participation AND your leadership! Our goal is to knock on millions of doors in October and November, and we want to mobilize at least 1,000 […]

  • Spring Sustainability Series 2020

    Wednesday February 12: Voices for Climate Crisis Solutions Speakers include: Elihu Dietz – DRAWDOWN Laughlin Artz – 2020 or BUST SaadAmer – Plus 1 VOTE Todd Fernandez – People’s Green New Deal Brother Man – Extinction Rebellion Regina Cornwell – Climate Reality Project Pending, 350 NYC Pending, Sunrise Movement   Wednesday, March 11: Regenerative Agriculture […]