• Dire future etched in the past: CO2 at 3-million year-old levels

    https://phys.org/news/2019-04-dire-future-etched-co2-million.html by Patrick Galey and Marlowe Hood APRIL 5, 2019 The last time there was so much CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere, ice caps virtually disappeared Planet-warming carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere — at its highest level in three million years — is poised to lock in dramatic temperature and sea level rises over a timescale […]

  • CO2 Levels Are as High as They Were Three Million Years Ago

    https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/warming-temperatures-could-transform-antarctica-plant-filled-land-green-180971880/ The last time Earth had this much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, trees were growing at the South Pole  By Meilan Solly APRIL 4, 2019 Climate change researchers are peering into the past in hopes of anticipating the future, but as a group of British scientists reported at a recent Royal Meteorological Society meeting, […]

  • Weed killer residues found in 98 percent of Canadian honey samples

    https://www.ehn.org/weed-killer-residues-found-in-98-percent-of-canadian-honey-samples-2632384800.html  Study is the latest evidence that glyphosate herbicides are so pervasive that residues can be found in foods not produced by farmers using glyphosate. Carey Gillam Mar 22, 2019 As U.S. regulators continue to dance around the issue of testing foods for residues of glyphosate weed killers, government scientists in Canada have found the […]

  • Save Fort Green Park

    Friends of Fort Green Park are helping to preserve our trees and prevent the city from cutting down healthy city trees. The Parks Department misrepresented the health of the 58 mature trees marked for removal — a total of 71 trees will be endangered, including an additional 13 due to extreme pruning and adjacent excavation […]