Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club Present: An Update on Crude Oil Transportation in the Hudson Valley

Join Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club on May 27 for a webinar panel addressing the latest risks facing New York through the vast transport of crude oil within the state. Also learn about what you can do to protect New York State’s communities and natural resources from a crude oil disaster.

Kate Hudson, Riverkeeper, Director of Special Projects
Sean Dixon, Riverkeeper, Staff Attorney, Hudson River Program
Roger Downs, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, Conservation Director

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Mount Manresa Resolution

Resolution passed Oct.10th at New York City Sierra Club Group ExCom meeting

SIERRA CLUB NEW YORK GROUP   OCTOBER 10, 2013 – RESOLUTION PASSED PROPOSED RESOLUTION:  The New York City Group of the Sierra Club endorses and supports the creation of Mount Manresa as a Park for public enjoyment in perpetuity, as an island of habitat for migrating birds and as a much needed home for wildlife.  The 15 acre area is situated within a dense urban area on Staten Island.

BACKGROUND:  The park consisting of beautiful landscaping and a few buildings is owned by the Jesuits and up for sale to developers. It is an environmental and historical treasure unique because of its age in New York City. It contains many rare old growth trees in never disturbed woodlands and ancient and stunning geological features formed in the last ice age. For the people who live in the area, Mount Manresa is an island of peace and repose where they can breathe woodland air and connect with nature. It is an essential component for civilized life. It makes living tolerable in an already over developed area. It is also much loved by the people for its historical associations and the quality of its ancient trees.

PRO: Mount Manresa indisputably represents exactly the kind of habitat the Sierra Club was created to advocate for: its importance for its own sake as a tree and wildlife refuge, and for the relationship it has to people in their ability to enjoy the benefits of nature.

CON: For the Sierra Club and for the Sierra Club Group New York City, there is no reason to be against supporting the designation of Mount Manresa as a public park.

PRIOR CLUB POLICY:For the Sierra Club the creation of spaces set aside for nature and the public ability to interact with it is a foundational tenet.