Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club Present: An Update on Crude Oil Transportation in the Hudson Valley

Join Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club on May 27 for a webinar panel addressing the latest risks facing New York through the vast transport of crude oil within the state. Also learn about what you can do to protect New York State’s communities and natural resources from a crude oil disaster.

Kate Hudson, Riverkeeper, Director of Special Projects
Sean Dixon, Riverkeeper, Staff Attorney, Hudson River Program
Roger Downs, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, Conservation Director

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Gowanus Canal Petition


Please fill out and copy the comment letter below, and email it to:  GowanusCanalComments.Region2@epa.gov


Christos Tsiamis, Remedial Project Manager
Central New York Remediation Section
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
290 Broadway, 20th Floor

New York, New York 10007-1866

As the Proposed Plan Cleanup Plan for the Gowanus Canal establishes methods for removal of contaminated sediments for the entire width and length of the canal, to the depth of clean native sediment, and has identified ways to prevent re-contamination and halt future toxic inputs; I support the EPA Proposed Plan to clean the Gowanus Superfund site.

I appreciate that the plan will not remove canal sediment by trucking, but will use the water way for this purpose. As the design for this work moves forward, I ask that remediation methods with the lowest carbon-foot-print be employed where possible. I support the constructive use of sediment materials following EPA regulations. And it is important to me that this cleanup plan grant the EPA the necessary authority to insure the sewer overflows do not foul the finished remedy.

I look forward to a finished canal remedy that will make for a healthy community.

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