Call for NYC Executive Committee Nominations

The NYC Group is looking for committed activists to serve on the Group’s Executive Committee

(ExCom). If you know of a knowledgeable, committed, and energetic environmentalist (including

yourself) who is willing to serve on the ExCom, let us know.


The ExCom meets monthly on a weekday evening to mobilize and deploy resources of money and time —

including organization, community, and network building with new member engagement. The ExCom

debates and promulgates environmental positions of the Sierra Club NYC Group. Program activities

include promoting our positions, educating the public about conservation, advocating public policy

reform and electing officials who share the Club’s agenda.


Members of the ExCom have substantial responsibilities between meetings as well: contributing to the

newsletter and web site; serving on the political committee to consider recommendations to endorse

candidates for public office, and on the nominating and election committees for Excom elections;

representing the Club at environmental events, organizing SC NYC events, serving on program

committees; reviewing requests for collaboration, recruiting members for the Club or for particular



Please send us a short statement: What are your environmental priorities? What Sierra Club positions

are you familiar with? What experience or abilities do you have to prepare you for administrative and

program activities of the ExCom? We will meet with each candidate in late July and early August.

By August 10 the nominating committee will notify all potential nominees whether they have been

nominated. Would-be nominees who have not been nominated may petition; the signatures of 25 NYC

Group members are required. Petitions are due to the nominating committee by September 15, and ballot

statements of all candidates also by September 15. The election will fill five 2-year terms.


Please send your statement by July 20 to any of the below:

  • Carl Arnold (
  • Margaret Perkins (
  • Murray Lantner (


PS: If you are not ready to serve on the ExCom but you believe in the work of the Sierra Club, consider

joining a committee.

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