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21th of May, International Anti-Chevron Day. Bucharest Actions

Cross-posted from Frack Off Romania and written by Maria Olteanu, May 21, 2014

On the 21st of May, Romania joined the woldwide protests the disasters Chevron has caused all over the world where they have oil and gas operations, but also against its undemocratic, repressive means undermining the basics of democracy. The action was coordinated by the committee in Ecuador who has helped the 30.000 Ecuadorian peasants in their apparently never-ending fight against Chevron.
In Romania, we had protests organised in 4 locations, 2 of them in perimeters concerned by Chevron fracking operations, such as Pungesti and Mangalia, and Bucharest, the capital city, and another socially very active city in Transilvania, Sibiu.

The event in Bucharest focused on two types of actions:

Documenting Damage by Chevron

One action documented in this picture, having a strong awareness raising dimension, by means of impactful images of the disasters Chevron left all over the world. We had 30 series of 11 stickers with images placed in 30 bus stations in Bucharest.

Pictures of the action can be seen here.

Flash Mob

The second action was a flash mob that was played in 2 locations in Bucharest, focusing on the “cosy” relationship politicians have with Chevron and “strategic investors”, in general.

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