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Stop LNG Port 19 miles off Jones Beach

Please sign our Petition to stop the Port Ambrose LNG Port. Here’s why.

Stop Port Ambrose

Stop Port Ambrose

What is Port Ambrose? The Port Ambrose website describes it as “. . . a proposed deep-water port that consists of a submerged buoy and subsea pipeline system for flexible deliveries of natural gas directly into the congested downstate New York area.”  The facility, if built, will be 18.5 miles south-southeast of Jones Beach. The “port” consists of a device that connects underwater to Liquid Natural Gas tankers and routes the re-gasified product that will, according to the plans, connect with “existing offshore pipeline capacity” near Rockaway Beach.

This website was put up on July 3, 2013, with full details, including drawings, maps, and the like. The only public hearings are scheduled for July 9th and July 10th in Long Beach, Long Island and Edison, New Jersey, respectively. While Clean Ocean Action published a fact sheet in April, little information was widely disseminated. In fact, the Maritime Administration only published a “Notice of Intent; Notice of Public Meeting; Request for Comments” on June 24th of this year. Only two public meetings were scheduled, as noted above, and public comments are due no later than August 23rd.

This suggests the kind of usual put-up job where all the decisions have been made and public hearings and comments represents only a fig-leaf. We must respond strongly to this charade, by showing up at the hearings and by sending copious comments.

We need to turn this around. Here are some issues:

  • Port Ambrose is advertised as an import port, but it could become an export port, which would raise the cost of gas for Americans.
  • Port Ambrose poses a potential danger to the ecology and economy of communities along the shore. The pipeline from Saint Ambrose will connect to a pipeline running along the coast.
  • According to the Council on Foreign Relations, LNG ships and terminals are potential terrorist targets.
  • Port Ambrose is in the path of hurricanes, which will likely increase in intensity.
  • Port Ambrose is in a location proposed for a wind farm, which produced renewable power.

For more information, see Clean Ocean Action and the Sane Energy Project Resource Page.

Please, do the following:

Sign our petition here. Comment period closed. 

Call Governor Cuomo, (518) 474-8390, and Governor Christie (609) 292-6000 to express your objections to the LNG deep-water port.

Submit comments opposing the port, here, no later than August 22th.

Thank you.

Please feel free to add comments below.

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